SNAP Player is a simple to use, cloud based, digital signage software. SNAP Player utilizes the cloud to allow you to Control your campaigns from anywhere instantly. We have optimized our content delivery to an astonishing 3 seconds!

Industries: Bank & Financial, Hospitality, Retail, Entertainment, Government,
Healthcare, & more

Uses – Local Ad Network, Digital Menu Boards, In-store Displays, Outdoor Displays, Directories, and more.

  • Portrait or landscape mountable
  • Any size screen
  • Available on tablets
  • Works on any operating system

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SNAP Admin

Player exists on our SNAP web admin allowing you to log in from anywhere with internet at anytime. If you have any of our other SNAP products you will benefit from a single content management platform. Remote 24/7 access!
digital restaurant menu boards
tv menu board


You don’t have to be a designer to make beautiful campaigns. We have pre-built several templates to organize content so you don’t have to think about it. Just click on the container you want to populate, load your image and submit! Voila!


Built in widgets allow you to add real time data, beautifully for your clients to see weather, stocks, specials, menus, clock, news, announcements, Instagram feed, Twitter feed, & more.
interactive signage
interactive signage


SNAP allows you to run daily or weekly schedules. Set your content once and let snap do all the work for you.

Digital Menu Board Gallery

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