Where to Get the Best Interactive Coffee Tables

Interactive coffee tables are just like any other touch screen tables, but at a lower height, and possibly with a different style. If you’re thinking about getting a touch screen table rental or purchasing one of your own, Digital Touch Systems is the first place you should look.

Digital Touch Systems Offers Custom Touch Table Sizing

Our interactive table rentals range from 42” to 86”, but we also cater to custom orders for those seeking to purchase one of their own. Each touch table comes with a 1080p high definition interactive display and includes 12 points of touch. Multi-touch allows more than one user at a time to operate the touch screen software. Simultaneous interaction means multiple customers, clients, or associates can enjoy use without affecting the other’s experience.

We Also Offer Fully Customized Touch Screen Software

Whatever specific features or functions you can think of, we can incorporate. Our highly qualified software developers can incorporate your brand logo, slogan, or anything else you wish to add to each page, in addition to bringing you personalized interactive touch screen software that meets all of your needs. Contact us to get in touch with our software team and discuss the possibilities. Whether you choose to buy or rent your interactive screens from us, we can customize your order every step of the way.

Amaze Your Clients with Immersive, Interactive Touch Screen Coffee Tables

Those of your clients or customers who have never before used interactive touch screen solutions will be very impressed. Leaving an impression is always a good thing when it comes to your customers, because you want them to think of you first next time they are considering purchasing a product or service that you offer. Coffee tables with integrated touch screens are interesting and fun to use. That makes them very memorable, and in turn, your brand will be memorable to those who use them. Try Digital Touch System’s touch tables for your business. Contact us to get started immediately!

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