How to Use Touchscreen Rentals to Get Noticed at Your Trade Show

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Touchscreen rentals are incredibly handy for trade shows and expositions. You don’t have to make big investment, you don’t need to store them, and you don’t need to worry about ever having to replace them or updating the software. After your trade show is finished, you can simply return them back to us and go about your business as usual. At Digital Touch Systems, we offer touchscreen rental service as a turnkey solution with everything you need, including custom software.

Use Your Touchscreen Rental to Attract Attention in a Big Way

People are drawn to interactive objects, especially touchscreens. At your trade show display, passersby will willingly step into your display zone to have a closer look at what’s happening on your touchscreen. They’ll be curious about what your product or services are once they see people using your interactive touch display. Some of our most popular options include wall mounted projected capacitive touchscreen displays(PCAP), touchscreen kiosks, touch tables, or video walls.

We Have a Variety of PCAP Displays and Other Touchscreens to Choose from

Projected capacitive displays are incredibly durable and can be used with a touchscreen table. PCAP touchscreens provide a crisp and bright image, and can quickly be mounted or unmounted. The glass touchscreen is 5mm thick and is sturdy enough to withstand virtually anything. Projected capacitive displays are our most durable touchscreen rental. They come in a wide selection of sizes from 24” to 84”.

Let Us Build Custom Touchscreen Software for Your Tradeshow Display

It may sound rather expensive to have customized software created for your event, but actually our software design costs are considerably low. We understand that touchscreen rentals aren’t complete without custom software, so that’s why we offer such affordable prices on our software design.

Rent a touchscreen fromDigital Touch Systems for your upcoming trade show and let our interactive touch software make a memorable impression on your audience!




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