Are Touchscreen Tables Durable?

touch screen tables

Touchscreen tables function as regular tables, but register the touch of your finger to make selections on a digital screen that runs either Android, iOS, or Windows. You can place notebooks, pens, cups, laptops, anything you can think of right on the surface of the screen and it will not have any effect on the touch screen’s performance.

More than Adequate Scratch Resistance

You don’t need to worry about anything damaging the surface of your touch table. The screen is covered by scratch resistant material, and is impact proof for protection from any unusually heavy or falling objects.

5 mm Thick Glass Can Withstand Virtually Any Accident at the Office

The 5 mm of glass protecting the screen itself is strong enough to be struck with a steel hammer without breaking or cracking at all. The interactive screens below the barrier of glass on touch screen tables register your fingertip with the same accuracy that they would if there had been no barrier at all. This is possible with through the use of projected capacitive touch screen technology.

PCAP Touchscreen Technology Allows for Unparalleled Weather Resistance

Projected capacitive touch screens offer excellence dust and weather resistance. Your touchscreen table can be used in any setting. They’re perfect for outdoor events, lobbies, classrooms, meeting rooms, or anywhere else that you may decide to put them. Touch tables are portable and can be relocated frequently without any issues.

Build One Yourself with Interactive Screens from Digital Touch Systems

If you already have a table that you’d prefer to use, you can simply purchase your projected capacitive touch screen display from Digital Touch Systems and create your own touch table. Digital Touch Systems also sells and rents premade touch tables with full high definition and 4K resolution digital screens.

Interactive touch screen solutions provided by Digital Touch Systems can give you the tools make an incredible impression on your clients, customers, students or colleagues. Contact us now and ask about our custom made software!

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