Touch Screen Rentals for Events and Trade Shows

touchscreen displays

If you’re gearing up for a trade show or any event where you need to present your product or service, then you should definitely rent a touch screen. The best trade show touch screen rentals can be found at Digital Touch Systems. Our prices are competitive and the value we offer is unmatched.

When potential customers or clients see our state of the art equipment presenting your product, they will undoubtedly be impressed; especially if you’ve taken advantage of our custom software development. Let us be your turnkey solution for bringing interactive touch software to the fingertips of your audience.

Here’s how it all works:

  • Contact us through our website
  • We create fully customized software for you
  • Choose which kind of touch screens you’d like to rent and which size
  • We have the touch screens of your choice delivered to you
  • When you’re all done, you return them to us

It’s that easy. We have a variety of touch screens to choose from. Options include projected capacitive touch screens (pcap displays), touch screen tables, touch screen kiosks, infrared touch screens, video walls, actuating touch screens, touch screen overlays, curved displays, outdoor displays and touch windows.

Think of the how your customers or clients will feel about your company when they are immersed in an interactive touch screen experience. If you’re showing them technology they may have never seen in person before, such as the touch screen windows we offer, they’ll always remember your brand. That’s the beauty of using technology to get ahead of the competition.

If your technology and presentation is better than your competitors’ but your offerings are similar, guess who wins the customer over. You do, when you choose to up your game by renting our high quality equipment and adding your own customized software.

Make your trade show or event memorable by choosing to rent from Digital Touch Systems.

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