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Our Touch Screen Display Rentals Are Great For...

Trade shows

Touch screens are great a pulling customers into the booth. We often display an interactive game like air hockey to pull clients in while we talk about our purpose for being there. When the game ends we use the table to show them some interactive media about our products and services.


If you're looking for the "WOW" factor, our Touch Screen Display Rentals will resonate with your audience. You can engage through games, interactive presentations, product walk-throughs, and even collect user information with a few taps of a screen. In other words, if you're looking for a physical lead generation machine, our Touch Screens are it.

interactive table

special events

Our touch screen displays, touch screen kiosks, and touch screen tables are lightweight and easy to set up for any special event. We have folks who rent our systems for hiring events, special presentations, seminars, grand openings, temporary galleries, & much more.

digital signage

Our Digital Signage Solutions are used in Retail, Banking, Entertainment, Healthcare, Hospitality, and even Government. With Digital Signage, you can easily engage & get your message across through our easy to use Snap Content Management System.

Touch Screen Rentals Quality Control

Enhanced Delivery


We know how troublesome receiving and packaging equipment can be when you are at an event. Our touch screens will arrive to your booth or event in a custom, wheeled crate.

quick assembly

Once you have the crate, just twist off the top and out slides your rental from the foam inserts. When the show is over, slide them back into their spot and pop the top back on. No banding, wrap, boxes or mess to deal with.

operating system compatability

Our Touch Screen Displays are compatible with major Operating Systems like IOS, Android, & Windows.

Touch Screen Rental Options

Tilted Tables

Video Walls

touchscreen displays

Floor Stands


Flat Tables

Digital Touch Systems - Phone Support


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