Touch Screen Coffee Tables

Liven up any seating area or lounge with a fully interactive touch screen coffee table


Your guests will never think of coffee tables the same way again after they try your touch coffee table for the first time. With sizes ranging from 24″-86″ in screen size, you can get your coffee table touch screen in any color, shape, table size, material, or branding, with totally custom made software.

Interactive Table Sizes: 24″, 32″, 42″, 46″, 55″, 65″, & 86″

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A Truly Interactive Experience

Whether it’s for a lobby, waiting area, or lounge room, touch screen coffee tables are a fun and exciting way for customers to learn about your company or play games while they wait. They’re quick to assemble, and ship preprogrammed, ready to use.

Customized To Your Needs

Our touch screen coffee table kits can easily be moved from place to place, or rearranged at any time to fit their surroundings. These multi-purpose touch screens tables can be used for virtually any purpose, and can incorporate your own branding.

Maximum Versatility

Touch screens can be integrated into existing tables or ordered as a complete touch table, ready to be placed in front of chairs or a sofa.

Our touch coffee tables make the perfect addition to any waiting room or seating area. Contact us now for a free quote!

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