Touch Screen Coffee Tables are Fun and Useful for the Home or Office

touch coffee table

For any room in your house or place of business, a touch screen coffee tables from Digital Touch Systems will add a new level of character. Our touch screen coffee tables take any ordinary room and transform it into a place where friends, guests, or clients gather to try your built in device for themselves.

Touch Screen Coffee Tables are Fun to Use for Everyone

Touch screen coffee tables are great for entertainment, business meetings, group discussions, and much more. Kids love them, as they are capable of playing an unlimited amount of games. You can access online games on a variety of different websites, or download games from your app store. Our touch screen tables are compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS. Have your pick of operating system and use your own account as you normally would on a tablet or smart phone.

Full 1080p HD Resolution Right in Your Coffee Table

Videos, pictures, graphs, text, or any other media viewed on our coffee table touch screens look excellence. The natural viewing angles for worksheets, data tables, or any other kind of work materials make it convenient and intuitive to use. Our touch screen coffee tables are also ideal for studying. Students can set their text books down beside the imbedded projected capacitive touch screen and reference information back and forth between the touch screen table and the book, combining new and old media as one.

Install Into Existing Tables or Buy One Ready Made

If you have a particular table you’d like to use as your touch screen coffee table, we can provide the touch screen and even help guide you when installing it yourself. Our customer service representatives are friendly and always willing to assist you. When it comes to interactive screens, Digital Touch System’s touch tables are an excellent option. They come in a variety of sizes and are available at an affordable price year round. Choose Digital Touch Systems for your touch screen coffee table system, and guarantee yourself a quality set up that will last for years to come.


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