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Interactive wayfinding is a cutting-edge replacement for your static maps and directories. It allows visitors to easily search and select directory entries and facilities from your list and get automatic visual directions to their destination, without ever having to manually trace a map or orient themselves.

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interactive wayfinding software for campus

Our solution is great for hotels, residential complexes, shopping centers, malls, hospitals, grocery stores, and office buildings. An optional live camera feed can show landmarks and destination locations as they currently appear, making wayfinding even easier. The system can also provide tenants and visitors with conference schedules, advertisements, promotions, local information, and rental information from your company.


All information displayed on the screen can be loaded remotely by the property manager from our simple, easy to use desktop software. And with multi-touch technology, even the largest maps can be browsed in great detail with support for pan, rotate, and zoom functions.

wayfinding software in use

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