QuickBoard Annotation Software

Free With Purchase of Any Touch Screen!

Why Choose QuickBoard?

Most annotation software programs on the market are over developed and confusing to use. Most of us just want the ability to mark up documents and send them or open them later to view our annotations. We have created a simple to use, quick launch tool so annotation is as easy as 1-click!

Board States

We give you 3 separate board states to choose from. All of which can be changes on the fly at any time.


High contrast white boarding


Chalkboard style for a toned down presentation


Make anything on your screen into a canvas. This allows you to annotate over ANY document or program

Multiple Board Spaces

There are 5 separate boards that are easily navigated with a right and lift directional button. This gives you the ability to work on several boards at once without having to open and reopen projects.


QuickBoard Files – Save annotations in their original state. That means when you re-open the project, the strokes are there just as you originally built them. This is not just a screen capture. That means erase, re-do, recolor, all of these items are saved by stroke and can be easily erased or changed 1 by 1.
PDF – Open PDFs directly into QuickBoard for quick annotations.
Power Point Support – Open your Powerpoints directly from QuickBoard for easy slide advancement and presentation annotations.


QuickBoard has many tools for marking up documents, highlighting items, and drawing annotations. This software makes making interactive annotations super easy and quick.


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