MOVE – Traffic Data Collection

Now every store can “go with the flow”
Actively manage store resources and offerings based on current customer load database


Move, a member of the Aware-Live™ customer video analytics suite, provides a 360 degree top down view of any selected area of facility. Available as a standard low profile appliance, Move empowers store managers and operations personnel the ability to collect data in real time regarding current customer traffic load and foot patterns. By providing live and historical data on customer volume and path flows, management tram can make informed decisions on numerous aspects of store operations including employee load balancing, queue line management, product placement, and/or other customer centric initiatives.


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  • Audience Tally and Traffic Flow Detection
  • Queues, Lines, and Registers Management
  • POIs (Points of Interest) and Hot-Spots Monitoring
  • Entrances and Exists Tracking
  • Dwell and Wait Time Metrics
  • Triggers, Events, Alerts and Notifications of Key Thresholds
  • Heat Maps and Pattern Visualization
  • Ease of 3rd Party Integration through secure web services
  • Extensible Framework with Aware-Live Suite
  • Reporting and Demographics Matrix
  • Live Video Feed and Daily Dashboards


  • Determine Traffic Volume for Attendants Load Balancing
  • Monitor Customer Rea Time Arrival and Departure Rate
  • Improve Customer Service form Real Time Queue Metrics
  • Identify ideal Product Placement using Heat Maps and Data Points
  • Correlate Audience Traffic to P.O.S. And Digital Content Time-line
  • Validation of Content, Products, Services, or High Value Space
  • Generate alerts and notifications for a key events such as long wait times and ideal dwell time
  • Extend with other members of Aware-Live Suite for age, gender, and identity services


  • Entrance and Exits
  • Store Fronts
  • Product Showcases
  • Special Engagements
  • Check Outs / Cash Register Lanes
  • High Traffic Walk-ways
  • Show Booths and Conventions
  • Aware-Live MOVE™ Appliance*


Operating Platform Linux 64-bit
3rd Party CMS Integration Secure web API
Updates 2 year with purchase; annual subscription
Warranty 2 year hardware/software


System Dimensions H: 1.7” x D: 4.3” x W: 6.5”
Operating Temp./Thermal Pkg.  0 ° -50  C (32 ° 0122 ° F); single, Low noise, sealed bearing CPU fan.
Socket/Processor Intel ® Core ™ i5-3475S CPU @ 2.90 GHz
Memory DDR3, 1333MHz 4 GB
Diska Drive  250 GB


Operation Height Up to 30 ft*
Field of View 20-60 ft diameter*
Interface / Power 120v or POE
Sensor 5 Megapixel