Rent a Projected Capacitive Touch Screen for Your Next Event

Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Displays are Highly Useful

Projected capacitive touch screens (also known as PCAP displays or PCAP touch screens) are the most durable kind of interactive screens on the market. PCAP technology allows an electrical current to detect the proximity of your finger to the sensor. The fact that they can be used outdoors gives them a wide variety of applications for any business. PCAP touch screen displays are scratch and impact resistant, and built to be used for things like touch tables or even for outdoor use. The PCAP touch screen rentals at Digital Touch Systems have 5mm thick glass protecting the screen, and can be used in virtually any setting.

PCAP Touch Screen Display Rentals Provide you with an Advantage

For any kind of interaction with potential customers, clients, or investors, interactive screens provide an edge. Using one of our touchscreen rentals could make the difference in trying to reach through to your client. If your client is viewing information about your services on an interactive PCAP touch screen, the details will resonate more than if they had simply been reading them from a sheet of paper or website blurb. That result is due to the more personal approach that interactive screens have. There is a connection between the user and the touch screen software. Rental or not, the end result is still the same: more effective interaction. Digital Touch Systems can provide you with those results.

Projected capacitive touch screen displays are:

  • 100% weatherproof, including rain, snow, and dust
  • Vandal-resistant and safe for outdoor use
  • Impact resistant and may be used with a touch table
  • Easily acquired as a rental from Digital Touch Systems

We also provide custom touchscreen rental software that can be purchased as a package with your PCAP touch screen. To get started, simply visit our Contact Us page and we’ll get you on track toward receiving your interactive screen and starting to win over clients in a new way.

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