Touch Windows

Touch windows are a unique way to display information. The lightweight touch screen can be applied directly to a window or a glass sheet with a rear projection screen or LCD screen positioned behind creating through-window touch screen interaction. The interactive screen can be mounted to the glass using either a permanent or a removable fixing method allowing the touch unit to be moved to another location if required.

Want to add sound? Pair a through-window solution with through-window sound! We can turn your entire window or surface into a speaker using a patented transducer the size of a silver dollar. This USB powered transducer can be placed out of site and on the inside of the window all while delivering crystal clear sound to the other side of the surface.

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Touch Window

Product Features

  • Lightweight and simple to apply to a window, glass, acrylic and rear projection screens and any other non-metallic material.
  • No requirement to have any external wires or devices as all of the touch screen components are situated safely behind the glass
  • Wide range of touch screen monitor sizes available up to 93 inch 4:3 or 114 inch 16:9 format
  • Works with all existing multimedia applications
  • Still works with substances such as water drops and other liquids on the touch surface

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