Latest Digital Signage Tech for Schools

Digital signage has practical applications all around campus. There are more and more ways it can be used each year, with the technology advancing to increase its functionality.

It can enhance the way your school operates in ways you may not have even been aware of, including saving time, bandwidth, and reducing costs.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top ways that digital signs can be used in schools, and what sort of hardware is available.

Campus Digital Wayfinding


When new students, parents, and visitors set foot on campus, they need to get oriented. No one wants to wander around lost wasting valuable time. That’s where digital wayfinding is a huge help.

Digital wayfinding in the form of touch screen kiosks for schools reduces foot traffic and congestion in hallways, saves everyone time who isn’t totally familiar with the campus layout, and reduces late arrivals in classrooms.

Digital wayfinding kiosks are super easy to use, so even kids can figure them out. They’re also simple to manage and are easily programable from your remote CMS (content management system). You can even make edits on the fly through any device with a browser. So if a certain wing needs to be closed down, or students need to be rerouted to a different room, your digital signs can guide them effectively.

Any campus becomes easy to navigate with wayfinding through digital signs for schools.

Digital Bulletin Boards


Making announcements is an essential part of any school. But you don’t have to constantly print them out and hang them, or use an irritating intercom anymore. Digital signage bulletin boards are the way of the future. They’re efficient, highly effective, and affordable in the long run.

And what better way to get through to students than through the medium they’re most accustomed to? In the digital era, everyone, especially students and young people use their phones, tablets and computers incessantly. It only makes sense to use the medium they respond to most to delver important messages to them.

Plus, the inherent eye-catching nature of bright and bold digital screens turns heads anyway. That means everyone on campus will not be able to ignore your messaging on digital signage. This can include overhead signage or even video walls for schools.

COVID-19 Messaging


From reminders to wash hands, use hand gel, and wear masks, to temperature scanning kiosks and facial recognition that identifies students who aren’t wearing a mask, digital signage can play a significant role in mitigating the spread and effects of coronavirus at your campus.

Your COVID digital signage can list out protocols, provide guidance, and instruct students in order to keep everyone safer.

Emergency Messaging


In the event of an emergency, such as a natural disaster or an active shooter, emergency messaging can save lives. Getting people to safety as quickly and orderly as possible is essential, and digital signage is the best tool for that. You can guide people silently to areas that are safe, and you can even display escape routes or highlight routes that make getting there easier to understand.         



For fundraising campaigns of all kinds, digital signs are a powerful and effective tool. They help you spread the word, display information about where donations are going, thank donors in touching and meaningful ways, and even collect donations by way of QR codes embedded right into your content. You can even add things like fundraising landmarks to show progress. Digital signage is an excellent tool to foster fundraising and gain donors.



Whether you need touch displays for K12 or higher education, flat touch tables for schools, and any other type of digital signage, Digital Touch Systems is your best option. We provide a curtailed solution that meets your needs and can even include custom software.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can improve your campus.



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