Interactive Touch Screens vs Regular Displays

Utilizing an interactive touch screen for your business can have several benefits. Aside from their novelty and the fascination it brings, touch systems can reach out to customers, save you time and money, and gather valuable customer data all on one customizable platform.

Engaging and Informative

Interactive screens can not only wow your customers, they can also be a power tool to reach out and engage with them. But finding the right provider is key. At Digital Touch Systems, our PCAP touch screens come in a wide range of sizes, from 24” all the way up to 86”, meaning you’ll be able to give your customers a unique experience no matter your industry. With the variety of software and mounting options available, you can present information in a stimulating, engaging way. It can improve the customer experience and take some pressure off of staff.

Time and Cost Saving

Not only will your customers be impressed by the hands on approach to marketing, an interactive touch screen can save you time and money. Rather than paying someone an hourly rate to interact with clients on a broad level, a mounted touch display can present all the basic information they need, and save you manpower. This means before you approach clients or customers, they have already made the first steps toward understanding and identifying with your brand and business. In busy situations, this can be incredibly useful as a time saver.

Customer Feedback

One of the greatest advantages of using this state of the art technology is the chance to gather valuable data about customers and their habits. An interactive touch screen can record how users interact with it, giving insight into how they behave and what their preferences are. Having a survey or satisfaction questionnaire at the end of their interaction is also a good way of collecting data on how customers feel about your service. From this data, you can make improvements to increase satisfaction and customer service. Contact Digital Touch Solutions now for a free quote on any of our services.

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