• Impress guests and visitors with an enormous video wall
  • Use self-service kiosks to deliver quick info about your offerings and on-hand services
  • Use large promotion displays to advertise for yourself or third-parties

Digital signage is an ideal way to gain the attention of passersby, whether that’s people out on the street, visitors to a trade show or event, or people who are already on inside your building. As the most advanced visual medium, it allows you to deliver information very effectively at a simple glance. When interactive, digital signage provides a world of opportunity to promote your brand while providing useful services and engaging content.

Captivate Passersby With An
Attention-Grabbing Video Wall

Nothing catches the eye like an extra large screen displaying bright, dynamic content. Make your promotion displays unforgettable with a giant screen that people must look at. The immersive nature of a video wall is the perfect way to deliver your messages—or those of third party sponsors—quickly and in grandiose style.

Provide Games
And Fun Interactive Content

One of your primary goals should be to entertain visitors or guests. For both expos and casino rooms, this is essential, because if guests start getting bored, they’re going to leave. Interactive touchscreen games like puzzles and trivia are an effective way to engage with users while supporting your brand. Not only that, they’re just fun!

For games, you can use interactive kiosks or touchscreen tables for users to play by themselves or against one another on—think virtual air hockey, quizzes, or even team battles. You can offer prizes for a little branded incentive.

We offer touchscreen rentals for any hardware you might not have on-hand.

Use Temperature Scanning Kiosks
To Protect Guests

COVID-19 screening kiosks allow visitors to feel safe entering your building or booth. They’re symbolic of your commitment to the fight against coronavirus, and they limit the chance of infection on your premises. Place them at your entrance and screen those with a fever before they have a chance to enter.

Leverage Your Interactive
Touch Screen Data

User input data is automatically extrapolated and put into easily viewable graphs for you to gain insight from. You’ll have the opportunity to get to know your target audience better and see exactly how they interact with your digital content.

Offer Self-Service Kiosks For Action On-Demand

Whether it’s providing information about your products or services, taking orders, issuing tickets, or anything in between, self-service is the way of the future. It saves employee bandwidth, limits face to face interaction, and is altogether more efficient for all parties.

Cloud-Based Digital Signage
Software Is Simple To Manage

With your CMS on the cloud, you can easily access your touchscreen software from anywhere at any moment. All you need is a web browser to log in to your intuitive yet powerful digital signage software. You can grant full or partial account access to any user of your choice.

Digital signage by SignJet is an excellent addition to any trade show booth or casino for all the reasons above and more. It’s versatile, affordable, and provides a state-of-the-art solution that guests and visitors love.

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