Real Estate

Model homes are all about presentation. They should be as visually appealing and engaging as possible. That’s why using a digital signage system can provide you with a major advantage. Show off your property and all of the customization options that it can include in crisp 4K resolution with eye catching video content.

Dynamic Video Content
Leaves A Lasting Impression

Brochures and pictures simply can’t compete with the power of video. When your potential buyers are able to envision customization options with the help of digital content while standing in the house or apartment, it’s a much more effective method of presentation.

Interactive Kiosks Provide
On-Hand Info, Schematics, And More

Let buyers or renters explore the floor plans of your property with impressive interactive touchscreen displays. These can serve a variety of purposes, from logging contact information, to providing on-hand data about the property or area, to entertainment.

Switch To Commercial Displays
And Media Players To Eliminate Technical

Disc players and consumer grade screens simply aren’t designed to withstand years of continuous use. They break down over time and create more hassle than they’re worth. It’s much more cost effective in the long run to invest in a set of commercial displays that are built to last.

Custom Branded Content
And Interactive Software

Strengthen your brand by making all of your digital signage software fully branded. We can add your logo, slogan, and color scheme into the software itself. Turn your interactive and static digital signage system into a highly professional presentation tool that impresses buyers.

When it comes to promotion displays for real estate digital signage, SignJet offers the best one-stop solution to your needs. For your company’s model apartments, homes, design centers, or even corporate offices, use the presentation tool of the future with a customized interactive digital signage system.

Gather Invaluable Data Automatically

Digital signage software can automatically collect and store user engagement data, personal info, or any other input data available from your digital touch screen kiosks for real estate. You can then use this to your advantage to gain a deeper understanding of your target audience and how they react to your content.

Easy Remote Management
Across All Displays

SignJet’s efficient cloud-based CMS gives you the freedom to log in from any device at any time. You can provide limited or unlimited permissions to whoever you want straight from your intuitive digital signage software dashboard.

Collect & Automatically
Process Valuable Data

With touchscreen kiosks in place, you’ll be able to gather useful data about what your customers want and the way they interact with your offerings. Our digital signage software will automatically compile statistics that offer valuable customer insight.

Contact us now to find out more about how we can transform signage for convenience stores into highly effective, interactive tools that do much more than push promos.

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