FreOsk Self-Service Ordering

An automated, customer-driven way to increase your restaurant’s output. Self-ordering allows faster order fulfillment and raises customer satisfaction. 

The FreOsk Self-Service Ordering system enables your customers to order on their own, increasing your profits, reducing your costs, and making your ordering process more efficient. 


Increased Check Sizes

Orders made on a self-service kiosk generate 20% more revenue on average compared to traditional ordering methods

Decreased Wait Times

Customers hate waiting in lengthy lines - kiosk ordering can reduce total order time by up to 40%

Enhanced Order Accuracy

With a self-service kiosk, customers pick exactly what they want and review their order before submitting it.

Less Labor Costs

Move the staff that used to take orders manually to other roles, allowing you to achieve greater efficiency with the same number of employees or save money by having less employees.

Safer Restaurants

Self-Service ordering is COVID-19 friendly - decrease the contact between your customers and your staff, preventing outbreaks that could harm both.

Positive Experiences

A happy customer is a regular customer. Self-service ordering provides a better ordering and dining experience, which keeps your customers coming back for more.


Inventory Management

Run out of stock on a specific item? You can easily update the system from the admin side to remove it as option on your FreOsks.

Custom Menus

Customize your menus with your own logos, branding, color scheme, and items. Create a fully custom menu tailored to your business.

Full Integration

Orders go directly from the kiosk to the kitchen line. No more miscommunication.

SMS Notifications

Customers can be notified by text when their orders are ready to picked up.

User Interface


Eliminate the need for costly menu changes. Our web-based content management system allows you to update pictures, pricing, and backgrounds at any time and as often as you’d like. Plus, all of your menu content is cloud-hosted, which means you can schedule menu changes from anywhere and see your updates implemented within seconds.

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