Everything You Want to Know About A Touch Video Wall

touch video wall

A touch video wall is an excellent way to gain people’s full attention. Video walls are captivating, and with Digital Touch Systems, you can get a free quote on a customized video wall any day of the week. In case you are wondering how touch video walls work, we’ll break it down for you here so you can gain a better understanding of how our high definition interactive screens work together to form one giant touch screen wall.

How Big Can a Touch Video Wall Get?

At Digital Touch Systems, the sizes of our touch video walls depend on your needs, but range from 70” to 500”. It’s possible to get an even larger touch screen wall, but 500” is generally considered to be big enough for virtually any purpose.

What are the Advantages of Using a Touch Video Wall?

Video walls that are formed by grouping many smaller touch screen displays together allow for the high pixel count of full HD displays, which is important for up-close use, while simultaneously being great for viewing from a long distance due to their combined size. Once the touch video wall’s users approach it, fine text can easily be read from any of the individual screens, and small sections can be seen very clearly and interacted with. Tiled touch screen walls are also more affordable than buying one oversized panel. They just make more sense overall.

Control Your Touch Screen Wall from One Computer

Special graphics cards allow our interactive screens to serve as one, all linked up to one computer or server. Our high quality touch screen management software is easy to use and can run on Windows, iOS, or Linux. Our video wall touch screen software registers 32 points of touch, allowing multiple users simultaneously.

Our video walls and other interactive touch screen solutions are perfect for expos, tradeshows, advertising, retail, and more. You can also customize your software to integrate your brand and include the most useful functions. Contact Digital Touch Systems today to learn more!

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