Digital Touch Systems launches new SNAP Touch Menu Website

Digital Touch Systems, Inc. (DTS) has recently launched a new website for our SNAP Touch Menu product. The URL takes audiences to a newly design website that we’ve created for the newest launch of SNAP Touch

The new Website can educate people about SNAP Touch Menu and the benefits of having a digital menu within restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels, and more! With an all-new Table Top Tablet Kiosk, SNAP, is more lightweight then ever. While still offering hardware, such ask the Table Top Kiosk, Touch Tables, a new QSR Kiosk, we also allow users to use their own devices if preferred. Although, they’re going to want to check out our hospitality specific hardware first:

SNAP Touch Menu’s digital menu software drives additional revenue for restaurants. Digital Menu solutions are increasing food/drink sales from 10-20% and more! Additionally SNAP provides revenue share programs through things like pay-per-games and a jukebox that allows devices to increase table revenue by $3/day per tablet menu, and that’s on the low end.

So, enough said… If you haven’t already, go check out the new Website and read up on how SNAP Touch Menu can benefit your business.

About Digital Touch Systems

Digital Touch Systems (DTS) is a touch screen technology company based in Austin, Texas. DTS manufactures touch screen hardware and develops interactive multi-touch software. It has created a number of opportunities through the synergy of hardware manufacturing, software development, cloud space, and network. Areas of focus include: Hospitality, Advertising, Education, Corporate, and Defense.Our software ranges from a restaurant suite, advertising platform, trade show application, annotation software, facial recognition, network backend, and more.

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