Digital Touch Systems Gets Interactive at SXSW; Announces Official Partnership

Business Review today announces Digital Touch Systems (DTS) has once again officially teamed with SXSW as one of the interactive festival’s sponsors this year. Six 24” touchscreens will be integrated into three dual-sided kiosks at every main entrance, highlighting exhibitor information and booth locations.

Attendees can use the kiosks’ 24” touchscreens to search for a company’s specific booth or to create a premium listing—like a phonebook–of the exhibitors they want to visit. “What’s great about being a part of SXSW Interactive again this year is that we’ve stepped it up a notch,” says Dax Patton of DTS. “Along with the interactive kiosks, we will be highlighting our new facial detection technology at our booth. The technology uses pinhole sized cameras to capture a person’s age, gender, attention span, how long they’re browsing and even emotions. It’s a great way to measure audience engagement with your brand so you have accurate analytics to take to your marketing team.” No images are actually recorded with the technology.

DTS will also be exhibiting a 10×20 booth at the event. A 111” touch wall and a 60” wall mounted touch screen will showcase the company’s multi-touch software and interactive games. Tablets will be on display, highlighting the company’s SNAP touch menu and new facial detection technology. The detection technology uses cameras placed in an area to collect data in real time regarding current customer traffic load and foot patterns, allowing management teams to make informed decisions on numerous aspects of store operations including employee load balancing, queue line management, product placement, and/or other customer-centric initiatives. The event begins Sunday, March 9 at 11 a.m. and ends Wednesday, March 12 at 4 p.m. at the Austin Convention Center and venues in downtown Austin. For more information on DTS, visit:

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