Digital Touch Systems Announces Launch of New SNAP Touch Menu; Over 90 New features to Increase Revenue and Optimize the Dining Experience

Digital Touch Systems launches the company’s latest release with its new SNAP Touch Menu restaurant solution; over 90 different upgrades to offer diners easier order customization with POS integration to help increase wait staff efficiency and allow for transaction processing to expedite orders and reduce wait time. Popular upgraded features include: new interface design with 4 easy navigation buttons, a shopping cart to customize orders and add names to items for easy bill split, multi-language support, integrated advertising options, multi-touch games, and more.

Snap Touch Menu is meant to be cross platform (Windows, iOS, Android) and cross device friendly so SNAP will soon be brought to locations with customers on their own personal digital devices. “We are extremely excited about the launch of the new SNAP Touch Menu,” Says Dax Patton, of DTS. “With SNAP, customers are busy engaging with the touch technology and processing their requests directly from their table to the staff while enjoying entertainment and games, it significantly reduces perception of wait time and helps staff work more efficiently.”

The first SNAP Touch Menu version was released in 2009 as a digital menu solution with an entertainment focus and still offers the original games, social media and soon again the redesigned table to table chat feature. Customers can browse the SNAP Touch Menus for detailed food descriptions and pictures, view specials or featured items, rate their experience, receive food and drink pairing suggestions and much more. For more information, visit

About Digital Touch Systems

Digital Touch Systems (DTS) is a touch screen technology company based in Austin, Texas. DTS manufactures touch screen hardware and develops interactive multi-touch software. It has created a number of opportunities through the synergy of hardware manufacturing, software development, cloud space, and network. Areas of focus include: Hospitality, Advertising, Education, Corporate, and Defense.

Our software ranges from a restaurant suite, advertising platform, trade show application, annotation software, facial recognition, network backend, and more.

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