Differences in Digital Signage Software: What Makes SignJet Standout

Believe it or not, all digital signage software is NOT created equal. There are some major differences that you should be aware of when shopping around for one. Otherwise, you could end up with sub-par software that simply doesn’t offer the time-saving functions you need in order to make the most of your digital signage.

In this article, we’ll go over what makes SignJet’s software great, and what features you’ll need in order to optimize your digital signage solution.

Use Our Clean and Attractive UI

User interface matters. Having an intuitive layout that makes the functions you need most readily available can save you lots of time in itself. Fumbling through an unnecessarily convoluted mess of options and seemingly useless settings to find the ones you actually need is a hassle.

SignJet understood this when designing our UI. We made our software easy on the eyes, simple enough for novice users to use without a headache, and powerful enough to accommodate advanced settings.

If you need to train someone to manage your digital signage system, there’s not a steep learning curve like there is with some competitor software. You can train someone to use it in a matter of minutes.

And if you want to get technical and make the absolute most of your digital signage system, ours includes just about any setting you could ever need. Although this may take a little more time to master, it’s important to have the option to do more than the basics should you ever need to.

Offer Your Customers an Improved UX

When it comes to touch screen displays, you want to make things as simple as possible for the end user. That means providing a clean, intuitive interface for them, easy access to the functions they need, and more efficient service.

With SignJet’s digital signage software, you can accomplish all of the above with ease. SignJet’s UI for the end user is just as simple and easy to use as our UI on the backend. Your customers will appreciate the time-saving nature of digital touch screen service, and with an optimized, attractive, and well-organized user experience, they’ll prefer using your digital touch screens over your competitors’ forms or ordering process.

Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell more easily. Our digital signage software allows you to include offers and promos in ways that actually entice customers. For example, when they’re finalizing their order, you can hit them with pop ups and last-minute deals that some won’t be able to resist.

And when it comes to processing paperwork, our digital signage software offers you a streamlined system that makes everything faster and easier. Not only that, you’ll be able to mitigate human error and eliminate the need to make sense of bad handwriting.

Customize Your Digital Signage Software

With SignJet, you can have your own custom software that includes functions curtailed to your business’ needs. Our devs can personalize your digital signage software to be the ideal touch screen tool for your customers or clients. If you can imagine it, we can probably incorporate it for you.

And making your UI fully branded for your business is simple. For each screen or page of your digital signage solution, we can add your color scheme, logo, and any brand attributes that you want.

Any of this can be changed at any time. If you need to add in a new function, no problem. If you want something removed, sure thing. Being able to make the changes you need when you need them is important. That’s why SignJet provides you with the flexibility you need to succeed with your digital signage.

Manage from any Device with a Browser

Your CMS (content management system) can be accessed from any device that supports a browser. So if you want to make some last second additions or adjustments to your digital content playlist, it’s easy. All you need to do is log in to your cloud-based CMS and you’ll have access to all of the tools and functions you need in order to make the changes live.

This is extremely convenient if you forgot something or need to update an item’s availability or price ASAP. This can be done 24 hours a day, so even late at night you can make adjustments and have them ready for opening the next day.

Automatically Gather and Analyze Data

For touch screen software, any input data from each user gets logged. You’ll have access to insightful data, such as how long they viewed each of your pages, exactly where they touched on the screen, what letters or characters they put into various fields, and much more.

This data will automatically be processed so that you can view it and gain important insights from it at any time. You’ll be able to reveal things like what your customers are most interested in on the screen, where they lost interest in content, how much they were willing to share, and of course, customer contact info such as their email or other information they shared.

Ideal for Trade Shows

Not only is SignJet digital signage software ideal for day to day operations, but if you have a trade show coming up, our digital signage is the perfect way to get noticed. You can incorporate a wide array of multimedia along with your customized digital signage content.

Use anything from videos, to interactive menus, to executable presentations, to games and more. Your trade show booth can get a major boost with custom digital signage software from SignJet.


In short, SignJet provides a comprehensive solution that delivers everything you need, when and where you need it. If you’re in the market for digital signage software, SignJet is a complete option that will enable you to succeed with your content.

Get in touch with us now to learn more about why SignJet digital signage software is the best option for your busines.

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