How to Boost Your Brand Using Video Walls

video walls

The idea behind video walls is simple but effective. Your brand will envelop the line of sight of anyone who passes it. It will be the overwhelming centerpiece of their vision as long as it’s within sight. Video walls are too huge and eye catching to ignore. The message they give is on such a large scale that it can’t be ignored either. They draw people closer. It’s a rare experience to be surrounded by monitors that work together as one enormous screen.

An Unforgettable Immersive Touch Screen Experience

The fact that this massive video wall is actually an interactive touch screen makes its message all the more powerful. Once your viewers step in front of your giant touch video wall, they’ll be fully engaged. At that pivotal moment, you can deliver information about your product and your brand with their full attention.

Personalized Touch Video Wall Software

With our professional software development team, you can have the details of your product or service presented in a way that’s memorable and leaves a great impression on the viewer. We at Digital Touch Systems will include everything you want with your customized touch screen software. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss options for your software and the entire presentation that your video wall will be used for.

Our Touch Video Walls are Available as Rentals

If you have a trade show or expo coming up and you need to set up your trade show display, we can deliver your video wall straight to your booth. The set up process is quick and simple. Once you’re done with your rented touch video wall, you can simply return each screen that comprises it to the original packaging and we’ll pick it back up for you. There’s no hassle at all. Our full HD video walls range from 70″ up to 500″ and operate on Windows, iOS, and Linux.

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Interactive touch screen solutions from Digital Touch Systems are convenient, customizable, and affordable. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a big splash at your trade show, or even for marketing or retail purposes.

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