Where to Find the Best Digital Menu Boards

electronic menu boards

Digital Menu Software is the Future of Restaurant Service Industry Displays

Traditional display boards are rigid, inconvenient and simply outdated. The times are changing, and in order to keep up with the trends in business and avoid the risk of being phased out, you need to adapt. Digital menu boards are the new standard in restaurant displays. You’ve probably already seen them in numerous fast food chains and restaurants or bars around your area. Menu digital signage is incredibly simple to use, fully customizable and totally dynamic in terms of what you can do with your sign. SNAP Player by Digital Touch Systems is the best one-stop solution for your digital signage needs.

How Do Digital Menu Boards Work?

It only takes a few short minutes to build your multi-screen campaign from one of our user-friendly templates. We host the software on our web admin so you can log in from anywhere and make any changes you want, instantly. For example, if you decided on-the-fly that you wanted to offer a discount on one of your products, you could log in and edit the menu to show the reduced price versus the original price, and it would take you less than five minutes to do. All displays and devices in your restaurant or business would be updated instantly as long as they’re connected to your network. With SNAP Player, you can have remote access to your electronic menu boards 24/7.

Features of SNAP Player Digital Menu Software

  • You can use any one of our templates, and change the theme at any time
  • All information on your display board can be changed at any moment
  • You can set a schedule for your display to run off of
  • You can add widgets for your customer’s convenience
  • Our software fits any size screen, portrait or landscape
  • It works on any operating system, and is available on tablets as well

Give your menus a digital boost by letting SNAP Player updates your displays and foster your clientele!

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